Baking Cookies with the Barnes Family | Lifestyle Photography in Ozark, Missouri

The sweetest Saturdays start with quality family time. Don’t you agree? No rush, no hustle, no fuss. Making cookies with Mason and Connor and Jana and Tyler was the perfect way to start this bright sunny day and I’m so lucky I got to join in on the fun! I just love cooking with little ones. I love their awe and excitement of watching cookies become cookies. I love their willingness (or is it determination?) to help with each step of process! I love their sneaky tastings. And giggles. And then the final payoff…a warm, sugary, sweet treat to reward all of the hard work. You won’t want to miss Mason’s reaction to momma’s delicious cookie recipe! Priceless!

Oh, how I adored spending this time photographing such a sweet family. Thank you Barnes Family for inviting me into your beautiful home and allowing me to document these memories for you. I hope you enjoy!

Mmmm, cookie dough. Even the best of us can’t resist a taste!

Oh, the pure joy! So wonderful!

One of my favorites…Mason just had to have one more taste!



No, he’s not snoozing. Or blinking. This is Mason’s genuine reaction to his first bite of cookie. He couldn’t even help it!! I can totally relate to this guy!

Sometimes it’s just the little things that keep us going, keep us loving life. It doesn’t take long to spend a Saturday morning making simple memories like these. I think these moments were cherished by the boys as much as mom and dad! Take a few extra moments to love on your kiddos or do something out of the ordinary with them. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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