If you’re looking for ideas for your next photo shoot, I would be more than happy to help! I’m constantly thinking of new ideas, locations, and techniques and yes, I’d love for you to be my guinea pigs!

Portrait Sessions

A_Colorful_Fall_Family_Portrait_Session_in_Springfield_Missouri_Sequiota_Park_in_the_Fall_7_Month_Old_Baby_Girl_ChildrenFirst of all it’s important to know what kind of photos you want. Are we documenting a milestone for your son or daughter? Updating family photos? Making something beautiful to hang on your walls or mantle? Creating something unique for your Christmas cards? Then you probably want a portrait session. Meaning we will choose a location that fits your style, you’ll prepare everyone to look their best, and I’ll direct a photo shoot in a way to get beautiful smiles, stunning portraits with attractive backgrounds, and those perfect, happy little moments in between sets that will showcase exactly how fun, silly, lovable, or serene your family is. Ok, ok…I left out crazy. We might showcase how crazy they are too!



I love shooting around the Springfield & Branson areas. And I’m constantly on the lookout for amazing little nooks and hideaways that would make the next perfect backdrop. Places like Sequoita Park and Nathaneal Greene, Lake Springfield, Rutledge Wilson Farm, Valley Water Mill, Springfield Conservation Center, and any Greenways or Trails in Springfield are great for a park setting. I’m so excited that Downtown Springfield is such a lively and fun urban neighborhood which would provide a variety of looks for a fun photo shoot. The Missouri State campus is full of amazing architecture and green spaces. And Founders Park gets my wheels spinning too!

South of Springfield I am loving Busiek State Forest, Ozark’s Finley River Park, Wilson’s Creek Battlefield, and Branson Landing. Send me your ideas too! Would love to get more familiar with the area!

Documentary Sessions

So you feel like you’ve taken pictures at every park and downtown alley and a documentary session has peeked your interest. But why and what would you do for this type of photo shoot?  This type of session is an amazing way to get a glimpse into your own life from a perspective you’d never see otherwise. It’s an incredible way to document who you are WITH your family, what you do, on a normal basis. Real life memories to pass on to your children. So that their children, and their children’s children can identify who you really were and how life really happened before they existed.


A documentary session will usually take place in the most unique location in your town…your home. It can be as simple as a day-in-the-life…photographing the moments that seem mundane and normal to you now. Dinner at the table. Bed time routines. Making breakfast on the weekends. The chaos of getting everyone ready for school. Don’t worry…I can be a fly on the wall! Or it can be planned around something fun that you love to do with your family…game night, baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, a campout in the living room, a backyard BBQ. I challenge you to take a chance to see the beauty in these little moments.


A documentary session can also occur outside of the house. Maybe you like to go on walks or bike rides. Maybe the family goes to your littlest’s T-ball games every Saturday morning. Park dates and ice cream. Picnics. Kayaking, fishing, or swimming. What do you want to always remember doing with your family?

Also, consider documenting once in a lifetime moments…

Shopping for your daughter’s prom dress.

Practicing for the driving test.

A championship game.

Moving your new college student into the dorms.

Graduations, baby showers, wedding showers.

Life is full of beautiful moments.