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7 Remarkable Location Ideas for Your Engagement Session

Hi there! It occurred to me that so many brides are currently planning their engagement sessions and I’m getting so many questions about what to expect or where to take them. So, I just want to share some of my best tips for choosing where to take your engagement photos. And make sure you read to the end to find a special offer just for my readers!

I so love engagement sessions. It’s like the portrait portion of the wedding day, but no schedule, no rushing, no stress. I just love them! And so do my brides and grooms! I’m not kidding. Even those grooms who are so not into the photography stuff…the ones who could kinda care less and don’t really want to be there…yeah, you know who you are! I’ve had a few of you, and I’ve transformed you into photo session gurus and possibly even fans!

I love engagement sessions because it gives us a chance to get to know each other and it gives me the chance to learn who you are as a couple. We get to goof around, find out what looks most natural and feels most like your love. It also gives you, my beautiful bride and groom, a variety of photos of the two of you that are perhaps in a different season than your wedding, in different attire than your wedding wardrobe, and somewhere with a slightly different style than your wedding venue.


But did you know that engagement sessions give us a chance to actually make memories too? Sure, a lot of people choose to have the photos taken at landmark locations around their town. And sometimes that really means something to them. But most of all it’s just a pretty place. I encourage my brides and grooms to think outside of the box and give me locations that really mean something to them. Somewhere that you’ve made memories before. And somewhere that you’ll actually feel those memories come to life again. So, I’ve put together a list of 7 Remarkable Location Ideas for Your Engagement Session that will help to open your mind up to an engagement session that speaks volumes about your love, your story, your history, and your future.



1. Your Home. It’s where you spend the most time together. It’s where you’ve combined what’s yours and what’s his. How could we find anywhere more YOU than your own home? Think of ways to make this idea your own. Do you cook dinner together? Play card games at night before bed? Are you fixing up a fixer upper together to be your first family home? Do you enjoy coming home on Friday evenings and sharing a bottle of wine and relaxing together? We can create incredible, personal photos out of all of that! Trust me! You’ll be amazed!

2. Family Property. Grandpa’s farm. It’s where you played as a child. Where you pretended to get married under the oak tree when you were ten. Where family reunions were held and you and the cousins created adventure after adventure. And since you couldn’t have the wedding there due to unpaved roads, lack of public restrooms, and the fact that you just know it will rain if you plan an outdoor wedding, then why not have your engagement session there? It will mean the world to you, your family, and even your fiancé because you’re sharing a part of your history with him.


3. Your First Date. The super cute bike shop where you had sandwiches after riding the trails. The coffee shop on the square where you agreed to just meet for coffee because you weren’t sure you wanted to spend an entire evening with this guy. Or your all-time favorite, little family-owned Italian restaurant where he splurged on dinner to impress you, you even ordered dessert to make him feel good, and then you both drank too much wine because you purely lost track of time.

4. School. Did you meet in college? Even in high school? Let’s go there! Not just out front, with the school sign in the background. But in a little nook of the building where you would stand and chat after class. Or in the library where you studied together and learned more about each other than you did about physics. Let’s go there! If that’s where the spark was lit, I promise it will bring back the butterflies and it will show in your photos!



5. Your Favorite Hangout. What? Is it a bar? Fine! Let’s do it! It’s the place that you and your friends meet up every Friday and get the weekend started. It’s where you’ve shared way too many laughs and way too many beers. Doesn’t seem glamorous? Just wait and see! You have to remember that I will see these locations in an entirely new light after hearing why you’ve suggested them. And they will stretch my creativity and always turn out as some of the most beloved images.

6. That Little Spot that you Pass on your Way to His House/Her House/Home. It’s the spot where you come over the hill on your way home after work, just as the sun is setting, and you think every single time…gosh that’s beautiful. It’s the little stretch of shops and restaurants near your neighborhood that make you think…that’s so cute…I’m glad we live here. Little obscure places like this can make some beautiful photos. And it’s even more special that it’s a part of your everyday lives.

7. Super Special Hidden Secret Spots from Your Photographer. Every photographer has them. Little spots that they’ve passed and thought ooh that would be a great place for a photo! I have a list, in my head and on my phone, of perfect little nooks to stick my clients and snap their amazing photos!  I’m just waiting for the right couple who I think will fit or who will be open to trying somewhere that isn’t a normal place for photos. So just ask! Ask your photographer if they have any secret places where they’ve been dying to take photos! You’ll be pleased with the creativity and uniqueness of your session and the images that result!



Well, there you have it! All of my secrets to creating engagement sessions that are more personal and more treasured! Find more of the information you need below! Or contact me at lacey@laceywhitmer.com or 417-413-4076 to schedule your engagement session…because I’m offering all of my readers the chance to book an engagement session for just $250 ($75 off the normal price) for a collection of beautiful memories celebrating your engagement! !!  I’m excited to start hearing your amazing ideas for a unique and personal e-session!

3 Tips for Wedding Day Success, From Your Photographer

Six years in the wedding industry and dozens of happy brides will give you a little insight into what makes a wedding day run smoothly and what makes those brides so darn happy! I highlight this information to every one of my brides. Because it’s good information…too good not to share. I don’t just click a camera on your wedding day. I plan, brainstorm, and listen to make sure there are beautiful moments happening AND being captured all day long. So here are my three most coveted pieces of advice. From me to you. For the glorious success of the wedding of your dreams.


Number 1

You’re hiring an experienced professional photographer who compliments your style and gets your groove. You’re paying good money. You’re excited about the incredible memories that you’ll have to look at for years to come. But beautiful photos will not happen without proper planning and communication. Pages of bridal portraits and fun moments with your bridal party won’t happen without time. It will be hard to love the photos of your wedding day if you look stressed and rushed in every photo. My point? Take the advice of your photographer and plan accordingly for the photos that are important to you. Make the time and make your bridal party and families aware of the schedule for photos. If everyone knows what to expect, everyone will be easier to work with and therefore happier! And we like happy photos!


Number 2

You and your photographer will be very close for your entire wedding day. Your photographer is your shadow. Make sure you like your shadow. Out of all of the vendors on your wedding day, your photographer is the person who will be with you for more time, who will spend more intimate moments with you, and who will have more input throughout the entire day. Someone who is calm and collected and not determined to be the center of attention is the kind of someone you want by your side. I’ve seen brides be overrun by a pushy photographer and I’ve seen families and bridal parties become frustrated as well. Your photographer should not add stress to your day. A person who can gently guide your group throughout the timeline will be immensely appreciated. (Especially if she can do it without offending Great Aunt Millie who wants to catch up on the last 10 years of your life!) Someone who can keep the family tree straight and not offend those branches who tend to be easily offended will be treasured. Someone who can read the situation and make the best decisions in a crunch will be an asset on your wedding day. Read reviews, meet in person or at least talk over the phone, and trust your instincts. The photos and the photographer are equally important and should both be good matches for the bride, groom, bridal party and family members.


Number 3

Make sure you know what you’re getting and make sure you like it. What style of photography do you prefer? Traditional? Creative? Modern? Documentary? I pride myself on a storytelling style that incorporates editorial details, natural poses, and a timeless documentary of your wedding memories. There’s a style to editing too. And you’ll be able to see this very quickly when you’re browsing websites. I keep my editing clean and classic so that your moments are preserved with the utmost care. That’s the best way to ensure that they are appreciated and treasured throughout the decades. And last, be sure to understand what you’re wedding collection includes. If it includes digitals, are they high resolution or are they condensed? Do you have a release for printing and sharing online and is that release limited to the sizes you can print and where you can share them? I always provide the high resolution digital images with an unlimited print release. These are your photos from your wedding and I want you to be able to use them however you please and whenever you see fit.


Happy wedding planning!