This is Me

Hi, I’m Lacey! I’m an Arkansas-born, Kansas City-raised, Springfield-living photographer. The Midwest runs thick in my blood, but I love exploring all of our beautiful country and beyond.

I’m a listener, a planner, a worrier, and a list maker. I care deeply and fall hard. I have ideas coming out of my ears, all day, every day. Which means it gets messy. The state of my desk proves that I am a creative.

But there’s a twist…I also love numbers and math and spreadsheets.

I have a hard time choosing favorites. Favorite song, favorite movie, favorite book…don’t count on me naming one.

But my favorite thing to do, outside of hanging with my family, is eat. I. Love. To eat. But don’t ask me my favorite food. There are too many.

I start my days getting my 3 little boys ready but I’m not really awake until I run and get my morning Starbucks. Yep…it’s a problem.

I end my days getting my 3 little boys in bed. And then I soak up the quiet time with my husband, catching up on conversation, tv, and sleep.

In between I am editing, designing, playing, shopping, cleaning, and trying to organize all of my crazy ideas.

I love beautiful houses. Big dogs. Flowers, fonts, and gift bags. I love to host a party. Decorate a room. Stylize a photo shoot.

I love smiles. Happy tears. Hugs. And laughter. Real laughter…belly laughs, baby giggles, snorting, pee-your-pants laughter.

I’m inspired by families, traditions, love stories, and the countryside. Hills, mountains, and rivers…they make me gasp, every time. So I consider myself pretty lucky to have been dragged from Kansas City to the beautiful, full-of-life Ozarks.

I LOVE seeing my children have fun, go crazy, run, and laugh. I LOVE watching them learn, watching them figure something out. When something clicks for them, it just lights me up. I LOVE it when they tell me they love a dinner that I cooked. And I LOVE it when they want to talk about things we’ve done together, reminisce over the memories we’ve already made. I LOVE seeing my husband relax and smile and I LOVE watching him play baseball with our boys. And when my baby lays his head on my shoulder at night, yep you guessed it, I LOVE it. That’s the most relaxed you’ll ever find me. I think I need him more than he needs me.

I work hard so I can play hard. I like to go and do. I love life. I’m in it for the experiences, the people, and the positive impact I can make on this world. That’s what life is about to me.

Well, there you go. A little peek into my heart.